Nikki Stockham


Nikki does not remember the exact moment she knew she wanted to be a singer. She's just always “known.” Being a bit of a rebellious youth, she found herself in difficult situations, struggling with her confidence and her place in the world like so many young girls growing up.  Music became her constant companion. It became the thing she could always count on and find herself in. This is why she has found it so rewarding to coach young girls with her work in Rock & Roll Camp for Girls ICT. She teaches them the power of music, showing them that playing an instrument or singing is an invaluable self-esteem builder. Playing music can be a vehicle to maneuver the obstacles that often make it so hard to grow into confident women. 

Nikki sang in school choir and fronted an all male metal band at nineteen. In her twenties she began performing as a solo artist and collaborating with other musicians, but it wasn’t until Big Red Horse was born in 2014 that she found her passion project. Fronting a predominantly male blues rock band requires a delicate balance that Nikki comes by naturally. Her voice is fierce —she’s not to be trifled with, but sultry so you dare not forget she is a woman.