Jagger Dobosz

Keys, rhythm guitar, percussion

Jagger is one talented musician. While some musicians spend a lifetime honing their instrument, it’s easier to ask what instrument Jag isn’t proficient at. It’s surprising then that he didn’t start playing music until high school where he was in the drum-line. After landing a singing part in the school play, he got invited to become the lead singer for his classmate’s rock band. Once he got a taste of band life — it stuck. In his twenties, Jag was the frontman for a popular Florida band. Since moving to Kansas he has formed and/or been in several bands. Most recently, he joined Big Red Horse adding background vocals, rhythm guitar, keys, and congas to the band’s repertoire. He’s also a skilled drummer, bassist and songwriter. 

If you have the pleasure of spending any time with him, you will quickly learn, at heart, he is a pure entertainer. Jag loves to make people laugh. If he’s not playing music, he will almost certainly be regaling his bandmates with spot-on impressions of his New York Jewish father or his deeply Catholic Ecuadorian mother.  His positivity and quick smile coupled with his gifted musicianship make him an invaluable member of the band family.