Emily mudra


Emily decided at eleven years old that she wanted to be a musician. She watched a rerun of F Troop (1965 sitcom) and found character Corporal Dobbs atrocious bugle playing hilarious. This prompted her to tell her mother she was going to play bugle when she started junior high. Disappointed that professional bugle playing wasn’t much of a thing anymore, she experimented with several horns until she landed on the trumpet. She fell in love with it—not only that, she excelled at it. At barely twenty one years old, Emily has already achieved more success than many lifelong players. Being a naturally gifted musician with unfailing drive and focus, she quickly started adding up accolades left and right: KMEA for several years, the Wichita Youth Symphony, and Solo and Ensemble Competitions. She is now a trumpet performance major at Wichita State University and has been a part of the Wind Ensemble, Symphony Orchestra, Jazz Band, Banda Hispanica, Concert Chorale, and Shocker Sound. One of her proudest achievements was landing a coveted contract with the 2019 Seattle Cascades. 

Emily and Nikki met as instructors at Rock & Roll Camp for Girls ICT. On a break, the two began chatting, and when Nikki found out Emily was a trumpet player, she jokingly asked (though she had always loved the idea of adding a trumpet player to the band) if she wanted to be in a rock band. Emily, never quick to turn down a challenge, agreed to come to a Big Red Horse practice. Nikki recalls warning the guys to be on their best behavior, seeing how Emily was only nineteen at the time. Any concern about her fitting in immediately disappeared as soon as she started to play her trumpet. She may be a petite young lady, but she plays like a giant. She quickly became the recipient of four protective big brother bandmates. Having achieved so much already, joining a rock band was not something she saw herself doing, but now claims it to be among the most rewarding of her musical journey so far. Being classically trained, Emily’s horn playing adds a style and sophistication that makes Big Red Horse’s sound even more unique.