Christopher Shay Trumpet Player for Big Red Horse

Christopher Shay


Pre-teen Chris picked up a trumpet and it carved a path he couldn’t help but follow. Growing up in a musical family, it was natural for him to learn multiple instruments. While trumpet remains his favorite, he also plays bass and drums, and if given enough tequila, touts himself as quite the vocalist.

In the beginning, his focus was on classical training and jazz. Then the devil music gripped his soul and changed his focus. Heathens like Van Halen, Led Zeppelin, Tom Petty, The Beatles and Red Hot Chili Peppers made him realize there’s a whole other world to music and boy howdy, did it need trumpet.

He’s dabbled with other projects and experimented with many genres. Lucky for Big Red Horse, Chris bought himself a ticket to a show as a birthday gift to himself. After the band was finished playing, he marched right up to them and said “I'm Christopher, and I’m a rock trumpeter.” Little did he know that very night was their current trumpet player’s last night before she moved out of state. Nikki replied, “Christopher, I think fate might have brought us together tonight….” And the rest is Big Red Horse history.

Chris brings an edgy, in-your-face tone to the project. He plays with confidence and has a natural ability to know when to back off, and when to really let his horn wail.