About us

Big Red Horse was formed in 2014 seemingly on accident, as the initial direction of the project was an acoustic folk band. It turns out, if you just add whiskey, all roads lead to rock.   

Blending a mixture of blues, classic rock, stoner rock, funk, with a myriad of influences, Big Red Horse is a Kansas-based six piece whose sexy and slick sound has earned them a devoted fan base at home and regionally. Big Red Horse has had the honor of opening for many major headlining acts like Lita Ford, Tesla, Reel Big Fish, Quiet Riot, Charles Bradley, and The Monophonics. 

I could wax poetic using superfluous, flowery words to tell you how awesome Big Red Horse is (they are, trust me) but what it all boils down to is intention. You’ll never meet a more passionate, hardworking, group of people. Their dedication and sincerity come through in their music, live or recorded.  It’s only a matter of time before everyone knows the name Big Red Horse.